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Hotels In Dharan Nepal: 5 Best Hotels


Traveling To Dharan and searching for some of the best hotels there? Worry not we have got you covered with some of the best hotels in Dharan Nepal. Dharan is located in Koshi Province. Meanwhile, it is situated in the Eastern part of Nepal

Primarily, Dharan is an attractive tourist destination in Nepal. Many people visit Dharan throughout the year. Meanwhile, this increases the massive demand for proper hotels in Dharan Nepal. Here, in this article, we will provide you with information on 5 best hotels in Dharan Nepal. Moreover, all the hotels include the best service, staff, food, and hospitality.

Why To Visit Dharan Nepal?

Before going through the best hotel in Dharan Nepal, let us go through why one should visit Dharan Nepal. Among several best places to visit in Nepal, Dharan is also one with great significance. Following are the major reasons to visit Dharan

  • It is a hilly region that lies low with a beautiful environment.
  • Dharan has wonderful food. Different hotels in Dharan are famous for it’s food.
  • Dharan has some great tourist destination and cultural beauty
  • Among several tourist destinations in Nepal Dharan is way cheaper and affordable.
hotels in dharan nepal

5 Best Hotels in Dharan Nepal

Hotel Nava Yug

Searching for a hotel just near the city of Dharan Bhanu Chwok? Hotel Nava Yug can be your primary choice. This hotel is located in the city of Dharan. It is luxurious with wonderful services. Moreover, it is just near the famous clock tower of Dharan. Talking about the hotel it is the top 3-star hotel in Dharan. The presence of a rooftop bar, meeting rooms as well and large parking spaces makes this hotel quite remarkable in Dharan.

Features of Hotel Nava Yug:

  • Large Parking Space
  • Conference and meeting rooms are available.
  • People can enjoy continental and American breakfasts.
  • Visitors could enjoy coffee shops, bars as well as restaurants.

Hotel Verandah

Hotel Verandah is another best hotels in Dharan Nepal.

It lies at the central plaza of Itahari. Hotel Verandah has a lot of facilities. Moreover, the facilities include good food, great staff, and overall top-notch services. Also, the staff are well-trained which are useful for tourist.

Hotel Verandah has a moderate price. It is neither too cheap due to its top-class service nor expensive. So, if you are looking for a Dharan hotel with a decent rate. Hotel Verandah won’t disappoint you.

Major Features of Hotel Verandah:

  • Private Parking Space
  • Free Wifi
  • Airport Transfer
  • Terrace Lounge
  • Wide Variety of rooms.
  • Provides Continental and Asian Breakfast.

Soaltee Westend Itahari: Hotels in Dharan Nepal

Soaltee Westend Itahari is one of the priciest hotels in Dharan. It is among the top-star hotels in Dharan Nepal. Among different 5-star hotels in Dharan, Soaltee provides a wide range of services. Firstly, the luxury interior and space of Soaltee make it different than other cheap hotels in Dharan Nepal. Moreover, it consists of a large number of rooms of all types favorable for different populations. Also, it provides a wide range of offers so that normal people can also enjoy the luxury of the place at an affordable price. Lastly, it is one of the rare hotels in Dharan with services such as a terrace bar, and outdoor swimming pool

Meanwhile, the following are the primary features of Soaltee Westend Itahari:

  • Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Consists of a Proper Lounge and Restaurant.
  • Wide variety of rooms including Normal, Deluxe, and Suite.
  • Luxury Setup with wonderful services.

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Gorakha Hotel

Gorakha Hotel is famous for its great view. It is one of the rare hotels in Itahari with great natural beauty, gardens, and rooftop bars. Moreover, Gorakha Hotel is an ideal place as it is one of the cheapest hotels in Dharan Nepal. With quality services and a cheaper price range, many people visiting Dharan prefer the Gorakha Hotel.

Features of Gorakha Hotel:

  • Value for money with great services.
  • Airport Transfer services.
  • A large variety of rooms.
  • Good rooftop view and consists of rooftop bars.

The Hotel Ambassador: Hotels in Dharan Nepal

If you are looking for the best hotel in Dharan at an affordable price, The Hotel Ambassador should be your first choice. Choosing this hotel comes with a lot of services. Moreover, the hotel is situated at Zero Point City of Dharan Nepal. One can enjoy the wonderful city view from the hotel. Also, the hotel presents you wide range of services. Firstly, the major plus point of the hotel it’s its cost. It is way cheaper than most hotels in Dharan. Despite being cheaper this hotel presents great food, good rooms, and cheap restaurants. You will enjoy it to the maximum even if you decide to only stay at the hotel for dinner at its restaurant.

The following are the major features of The Hotel Ambassador Dharan:

  • Rooms with A/C and wonderful setups are available.
  • Provides good food and dining facility.
  • Friendly and well-trained staff.
  • Huge private parking space.

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To sum up, hotels in Dharan Nepal is divided into both luxurious and cheap one. One can find the top 5-star hotels as well as cozy cheap hotels in Dharan. However, the beauty of the city can be enjoyed with any of the 5 hotels mentioned above. Despite being different in price or space each of the hotels has wonderful services. Hence, you can freely choose from the list to enjoy the best time in Dharan.

Also, if we have missed any of your favorite Dharan hotels. Feel free to comment below.

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