Budget-Friendly Places to Eat in Biratnagar

Are you looking for the places to eat when you’re in Biratnagar which is budget-friendly? Don’t you worry! You’ve landed on the right page. Below are the list of the places that you should visit, so pack your bags and prepare to discover Biratnagar’s culinary delights. Your taste buds will appreciate it!

1) Maang Haang Hotel

First up, we have this place for the pork lovers, which is located at the Jogbani-Biratnagar highway, opposite of Deurali Hotel. It is a family run hotel which has a great service, delicious food and an ample amount of parking space. The items that you must try here is Pork Dameko and Pork Momo. These steamed dumplings are stuffed with minced meat and vegetables will make your taste buds jump with joy. The juicy filling, delicate dough, and spicy dipping sauce of timur are a match made in foodie heaven. You won’t regret, trust me! Plus they are very affordable but keep in mind that it only opens after 2pm.

pork dameko
pork momo

2) Pakanchha Foods

If you are looking for a places to eat in a budget in Biratnagar, then this is the place that you must visit. A family run hotel which has better portion, tastier food and a good price. It is located near Sansari Maisthan Temple/ Lord Buddha Secondary School. It is generally popular among the students nearby and have a limited space to seat. The foods that I recommend here is the Chicken Burger, Chicken Chaumin and Chicken Roast. The burger looks big, yummy and have an enough amount of stuffings like salad, veggies, meat, ketchup, mayonnaise which tastes splendid. Nothing around can compete this place.

3) Wakeup Coffee

A fancy cafe which is located at Mahabir Road near Kali Mandir. Not just coffee, they serve a variety of fresh, delicious food items which are finger-lickin’ good. The food items that I suggest you to try is Spaghetti and Meatball and Corn Dogs. The meat balls are good with lots of meat, not just filler and have a melt-in-your-mouth consistency and a great flavor. This place is little pricey but the food makes it up. The services here are very smooth and staffs are also polite. The parking might be the problem as it is located at the middle of busy street.

meatball and spaghetti

4) Ram Dai Macha Pasal

If you’re craving for fish items, then this is the best place that you should visit. It is one of the oldest place in Biratnagar which is located at the lane of Byas Marg, which has a variety of fish items like Fry Fish, Gravy Fish, River Prawn Fish. The prices here are on a higher side but the fish here are the best. But, the place is congested and lacks cleanliness and parking space. So, only recommended to those who can overlook the cleanliness part and want to taste the fish available here.

5) Tandoor

This place is the best who want to try for naan and tandoori items. It is located at Dharan Road opposite of Yatayat Karlaya, Kharji Chowk. The items that I recommend are Garlic Naan with Chicken Butter Masala, Chicken Tandoori and Butter Naan with Butter Paneer Masala. The place is also reasonable and super clean.

6) Darjeeling Momos Shop

If you are vegetarian and looking for a place to try momo then, this place is the best. A hotel which is located at Tinpaini and is managed by group of women from years. The veg mom here are very tasty and the spicy achar adds up more to the taste. The place only opens up till 4pm so make sure to plan ahead of the time to visit here.

7) Tea Hubs

Now, if you are a tea lovers, then Biratnagar is the must visit place because it is city of tea lovers. People seem to be drinking tea almost at every hours and chill and spend time talking with their loved ones. The most popular hub for drinking tea is Chiya Station, located at Airport line, which provides a variety of teas but the best one is Masala Chiya and Lemon Tea. And also, veg chaumin is the best item here if you want to try out. There are many tea hubs like this in Biratnagar like Tapri the t-ea point, Chiya Wallas, Dazzu’s Tea Shop, TeaShala and many more.

8) The next is Biratnagarian’s Favorite Food items to have and that are Buff Momo, Buff Sekuwa, Choila and Bara. And the most recommended places are Tom and Jerry, one of the oldest and the best to have sekuwa , which is located at Traffic Chowk. Next is Roadside Cafe, Malta Khaja Ghar and U and Me. All these places are nearby Traffic Chowk.


In summary, Biratnagar is a foodie’s paradise, where you can explore the city’s culinary delights. So bring your hunger and prepare to be wowed by the tastes of this foodie’s heaven.

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