Predestination movie


Predestination movie is about time traveling paradox and ​​science fiction. The Spierig brothers, Michael and Peter, directed the film and released it in 2014. Predestination is a thought-provoking story that leaves you with an existential crisis. This movie will leave you speechless with the predetermined fate of the main character.

The Predestination movie is a very confusing movie to understand. The movie will keep you wondering about what exactly happened. So here is the summary.

While at work, she suddenly fell and was subsequently discovered in the hospital. When the nurse approached to check her condition, inquired about what had happened and why she was in the hospital. They then revealed to her that she was pregnant. The realization deeply traumatized her, considering the father of the child was missing and unlikely to return. Despite the painful and challenging situation, she made the decision to keep the child. Ultimately, gave birth to her child.

Then, the scene cut to the future male self of her. The male version of the future self has the mission to complete to stop the bomber from exploding.

And stop the guy but he knew his whole existence is dependent upon himself. He stop the bomber and made a scar on his face but the bomber didn’t show his face. After that, he went to the female past version of himself where she gave birth to her little self. The future male version of herself stole the child from her. He decides to put it at the front door of the Orphanage.

Conversing and reminiscing, she realized she spoke about herself but knew nothing about the man.
The male version of her knows their existence depends on making her past self pregnant.
Heartbroken, she discovers her lover is her future male self, and the child is themselves.
She gave birth to her future self and her own father, her husband from the future.

Years pass and she had an accent

And fortunately, people saw her and helped her take her to the hospital when the report came and the doctor and nurse found out ..she has server damage to her private part, and the weird thing is …she also have male reproductive

Organs so doctors decided to suppress her female part and make gender change surgery and she becomes a male. 

Heartbroken and now male, she visited an artifacts shop and conversed with an old man. Sharing her story, she discussed a handsome guy who made her pregnant and vanished. While reminiscing, she realized she had been talking about herself but knew nothing about the man. Curious, she asked him to tell her about himself. To her astonishment, the man revealed himself as the very same guy she had fallen in love with, disclosing that they were the parents of the child taken away. Filled with anger, she demanded answers as to why he never returned and why he had taken their child from her.

He proceeded to disclose everything, explaining, “I am your future self in male form, and the child you have given birth to is also yourself.” Then, he gave her the time machine, instructing her to go back to the past and make her past self pregnant. Refusing would jeopardize her own existence as she was both the father and the child. Agreeing to the plan, she embarked on the journey to the past.

Meanwhile, the male old version of herself, who had given her the time machine, experienced trauma and confusion. He desperately wanted to know how he would die, as he had traveled to the future and encountered an elderly version of himself waiting for his demise. The old version of himself knew where he would find the guy and patiently waited. As he witnessed his old self begging not to be killed, confusion consumed him, leading him to question the old man about the life he had lived. The guy revealed his regret for intending to kill him in that very place, asserting that he didn’t deserve to die at that moment and had a different plan in mind.

but the guy didn’t listen to him and shot him in the head and went back to the current timeline, his timezone, and like the main character of this movie was predestination about his own existence the movie ended.

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