Best Ways to Deal with Procrastination



If you have a will, then procrastination is easy to deal with. Procrastination can be taken as the thief of time. Procrastination “the most annoying word”, I guess. However, following the same trend again and again. And awarded with the afterward present “regret”. It’s all about the mindset we go with. Procrastination is the result of laziness and ignorance. Delaying the thing that needs to be completed for the short-term pleasure is procrastination. Basically, procrastination is the grave in which success is buried.

Are you also a procrastinator ? Then here are some best ways to deal with procrastination.


If yes, then you should slowly change the habit of procrastination. It could be life-damaging habits that you have never thought of. It might be considered simple however it is an example of simple things having a powerful impact. If we do something on a regular basis, then it becomes a habit. In the same way, procrastination has also become a habit as we follow it on a regular basis. It’s kind of like smoking or alcoholism i.e if addicted then difficult to get rid of. Procrastination slowly makes you lose the value of time.

You can improve your habit to deal with procrastination .


Controlling your own mind is the foremost step to neglect the procrastination. If you have a proper mindset, then you will achieve your desired task. It’s better to suffer now rather than later.
Understand the value of time.
Time cannot be reversed once you’ve the realization that you’re doing something wrong. So, utilize your time doing your important task.

Minimize the source of distraction.

Nowadays, the main source of distraction seems social media. People mostly engage in watching reels and wasting their precious time unknowingly. When you’re watching the reels or playing games, you miss hours of time just entertaining yourself which is for a certain period.

Try to know about yourself.

The best way to solve any problem is to properly know about yourself. Track yourself. Know the way you work, rest and sleep.

Balance between work and your personal life

You may not have a proper balance between work and personal life. That could lead to a strong desire to take a rest. And you might end up thinking about the completion of task only in your mind leading to incompletion of task.

Motivate yourself.

You might not be motivated 24/7. At that time that urge to not do anything increases leading to procrastination. So, you can take a rest or talk with whom you get connected with.
Take a small step.
There is saying small drops make a whole ocean. Likewise, taking a small step could help you gain bigger achievements.

Make plan.

Procrastination is like making plans but not doing anything to complete the plan. But you must make the plan according to your needs not a stereotype routine. You set plan and try to do accordingly.

By only reading books and motivational speech you can’t get rid of procrastination. You must work on yourself. Bring the change by working on yourself. What matters the most in your life is knowing your worth. Don’t try to mirror the things that you read in books or anything you listen. Most importantly stop overthinking everything.

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