Digital marketing-Types, advantage, disadvantage


Digital marketing is the process of promoting the goods or services of businesses online utilizing digital technology, such as display ads, mobile ads, and other digital media like Facebook and Google ads, Instagram ads, etc. Digital marketing include if all marketing initiatives that make use of a computer, a mobile phone, or the internet. To engage with present and potential customers, businesses use digital channels including search engines, social media, email, and other websites. The term “digital marketing” means the use of various digital strategies and channels to reach out to clients where they spend a lot of time online.

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Few example of digital marketing implementation tactics are:

1.Search engine optimization (SEO) engine marketing (SEM)

3.Social media marketing (SMM)

4. Content marketing

5. Email marketing

6. Online advertising

7. Websites

8 Affiliate marketing

9. Viral marketing


A search engine is a web based tool that helps the user to find the information they are looking for. Examples of a search engine are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc. Search engine marketing refers to any activity that increases a user’s website rank in any search engine. There are two types of Search engine marketing: search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search.

 Email marketing

Email continues to be a channel that generates medium to high returns on investment for businesses for a number of reasons, but one of them is email’s adaptability. Even if email may not be the most recent technology, you can still use it to implement the newest content marketing trends, like personalisation and automation, without having to cut back on your marketing budget. It’s hardly surprising that 73% and 63% of B2B marketers, respectively, agree that email is their top tool for generating leads and driving revenue, given that email also has the capacity to support other marketing objectives.

Social media marketing (SMM)

There are a number of extremely important reasons why social media marketing belongs on this list, but it goes beyond the fact that there are now 3.81 billion active social media users. Social media has changed from being a way for individuals to make personal relationships to becoming something more, bigger, and better than what it was first intended to be. Moreover, facebook, Google, twitter, and linkedIn are some of the social media marketing platforms.

Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, the parent company pays affiliates for each customer or website visitor their marketing initiatives or strategies on the firm’s behalf result in. You choose a product you like, spread the word about it, and share in the revenue from each sale you generate. 

Online Display Advertising

On either side of the tradional marketing an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper or a poster or billboard advertising any business. A modernized version of that is online display advertising. Using internet display advertising same goal can now be accomplished by a marketer. Display advertising comes in many forms, including rich media, interactive ads, rich media ads, and video commercials. Due to the graphic nature of the adverts, display advertising is fantastic for grabbing attention.

 Advantage of digital marketing

The primary benefit of digital marketing is the cost-effective and measurable way in which a specific audience can be addressed. The promotion of online sales and brand loyalty are additional benefits of digital marketing. Likewise, few advantages of digital marketing are global reach, lower cost, personalization, openness, improved conversion rates.

Disadvantages of digital marketing 

The main disadvantage of digital marketing is there is high competition. With so many messages addressed to consumers online, it can be difficult to separate out from the crowd and attract attention. It may also be time consuming. Audiences can see any unfavorable comments or criticism of your brand on social media and review websites. It might be difficult to provide efficient customer service online. Negative feedback or a poor response might harm the reputation of your brand. There may also be security and privacy issues. Furthermore, you will also require skill and training staff  that have right knowledge. And also, expertise to carry out digital marketing with success. 


People are investing more money in online content, and businesses. Those who  find it difficult to incorporate this fact into their advertising plan must swiftly adapt. The amount of time people spend online each year increases. Therefore, the role that digital platforms play in their lives also increases. Because customers may utilize digital platforms from anywhere in the world at any time. So, businesses must switch from traditional to digital marketing strategies.

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