Phalelung Rural Municipality: Discovering A Local Gem


Phalelung Rural Municipality
Phalelung Rural Municipality

Phalelung rural municipality is one of 7 rural municipalities in Panchthar district. This municipality borders Indian state Sikkim on east, Yangwarak rural municipality on north, Hilihang rural municipality on west, and Phidim municipality and Sandakpur rural municipality of Ilam district.

The name “Phalelung” originates from a stone in the shape of a cock in the Phalaut area, which the local Limbu language refers to as ‘Phalelung’. Teen Simana and Charraate area lies in Nepal-India border are the area with great potential of tourism. In this area, snow covers ground for 4 months, you can find 28 types of rhododendrons and more than twelve kinds of medicinal herbs.

Phalelung rural municipality covers an area of 207.14 km2 and has a total population of 20,361 people according to the census of 2021.  Various casts like Limbu, Rai, Brahmin, and Gurung share this place, making it a beautiful place for cultural heritage. Let’s discover more about this municipality.

Education in Phalelung Rural Municipality

Phalelung rural municipality has a literacy rate of 82%. It’s home to 45 community schools, including 14 secondary ones, where more than 5000 students thrive. The education system in Phalelung is getting continuous growth and nourishment. By adopting an ICT based learning system, schools are modernizing their approach to education, making learning more effective and engaging. Moreover, for the first time in Phalelung, Saraswati Secondary school introduced the civil engineering course from class 9. Thus, this is a remarkable milestone in this area as it brings a new era of educational possibilities to this region.

Transportation in Phalelung Rural Municipality

Despite being a remote area of Panchthar, Phalelung rural municipality has transportation available. The Jorpokhari-Ektin-Memeng road section touches Mechi highway on 45 minutes of travel from Phalelung. Currently, workers are upgrading the road with gravel and asphalt to provide a smoother traveling experience for people. Similarly, the government is also upgrading the Phidim-Yangnam-Phalaut road with asphalt, which will allow access to this destination via Jeep or Bike.

Agriculture and Farming

In this rural municipality, which encompasses an area of 5,565 hectares of forest, farming is practiced on 20,320 hectares. People in this area mainly engage in farming, agriculture, and tourism. This municipality is a major cardamom production area of Panchthar district. Moreover, people in this area also cultivate Corn, Millets, and Rice. Additionally, animal husbandry, particularly Yak farming, occurs in this area. Furthermore, Teen Simana has been established as a hub for animal husbandry. Farmers export tons of Ghee and Chhurpi to India and neighboring districts every year.

Tourist Destination

Phalelung rural municipality holds a great promise for establishing itself as a great tourist destination in Panchthar districtIn this area, there are important lakes like Suke Pokhari, Laam Pokhari, Bhainse Pokhari, and Jaljale Pokhari. Also, there are stunning waterfalls here, such as Panawa, Teen Chhange, and Muwa. Sacred religious sites include Shivaganga, Agejung Gumba, Pathibhara, Mahadev Sthan, Narelung Dham, Budhitham, Pustake Dhunga, and more. The ongoing development and improved road access are turning these spots into tourist destinations in Phalelung. Every year, many tourists visit these places to rejuvenate themselves.

Furthermore, Teen simana and Char Ratey area is popular among local tourists. It offers beautiful sights of the Himalayas and hills.

To sum up the fascinating exploration of Phalelung Rural Municipality showcases a hidden treasure. Situated in the heart of panchthar this municipality serves as evidence of the natural and historical heritage that thrives within its boundaries. During expedition you will discovered not the landscapes and diverse wildlife that grace this area but also the kindness and strength exhibited by its residents.

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