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About: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc.CSIT) is affiliated with Tribhuvan University(TU) which is a four year course. In Nepal, this course is designed to provide knowledge in the field of computer science and Information Technology. BSc. CSIT Courses In Nepal is helps to produce developers and IT professions.

Basically, students from +2 science only can choose BSc.CSIT course. BSc.CSIT program involves in both theory and practical at the same period of time. Also, the advantages of this course is deals with practials and project works. Computer science and Information Technology use in  real world problems which helps to tackle the problems. Therefore, CSIT program helps to develop skills which is very important for IT(Information technology) professionals or specialists and computer exports as well.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology

Scopes: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology

So, BSc.CSIT course engaged in new technologies for data communication, global business, data processing and many other technologies. New technologies may come to make new networking environment so this course provides students both theoretical and practical knowledge.

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Carrer Opportunities: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology

Nowadays, IT is highly demanding sectors in world wide. The prospect of job CSIT is the best option for the students who are searching for IT field. This field is career oppotunities for making in different Software industies and other field as well. Csit is the courses Students can learn many programs. Addition, they can be software developer, Web Developer, Data Scientist, IT Professionals, Graphics Designers, Network Analysts, and so on.

In IT field, there is bright future in almost all types of industries or sector like private and government jobs. BSc. CSIT Courses In Nepal

List of Colleges affiliated with Tribhuvan University

  1. Amrit Science Campus(ASCOL)
  2. Patan Multiple Campus
  3. Bhaktapur Multiple Campus
  4. Padmakanya Multiplle Campus
  5. St.Xiver’s College
  6. Kathford International College Engineering and Management
  7. New Summit College
  8. Prime College
  9. St.Lawrence College
  10. College of Applied Business
  11. Kathmandu Bernhardt College
  12. Deerwalk Institude of Technology
  13. Vedas College
  14. Texas International College
  15. Ambition College
  16. National College of Computer Science
  17. Kathmandu college of Technology
  18. Samriddhi College
  19. Madan Bhandari Memorial College
  20. Mahendra Morang Adarsha Multiple Campus

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 Candidates for applying  BSc.CSIT program : 

  1. Candidates must have completed plus two (+2) successfully in the science stream.
  2. Applicants must have passed the entrance examination successfully which was conducted by Tribhuvan University(TU) and securing at least 35% marks or percentage.
  3. Candidates must have secured a minimum second division in plus two from science stream. Must have secured at least C in all subjects in Grade 11 and Grade 12 by taking Physics and Mathematics.
  4.  OR Candidate who passed A level in Science. By taking Physics and Mathematics of 100 marks and at least passed with D grade in all subjects.
  5.  OR  Candidate who passed three Year Diploma in Engineering program from CTEVT. By taking both Physics and Mathematics at least passed marks in ctevt program.

Note: Candidate of both mathematics and Biology group of students of plus two level can apply or are eligible to choose BSc.CSIT program.

Admission Criteria

 BSc.CSIT program is eligible to study and should collect and submit the admission form from any college of BSc.CSIT. Generally, the admission form opens during Shrawan and Bhadra Months of every year.

Entrance Examinition:

  1. This entrance examination is conducted by Tribhuvan University(TU), Institute of Science and Technology(IOST), Dean Office.
  2. Full Marks of entrance examination is 100 marks which includes the subjects of intermediate.
  3. Or 10+2 level and the subject equivalens are English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. PASS marks of entrance examination is 35 marks out of 100 marks.
  4. Entrance Examinition will be MCQ for all questions
  5. The duration of entrance examination will be 2 hours.

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Detail Courses of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology Program:

Semester I: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology

Courses CodeCourses TitleCredit HoursFull Marks
CSC109Introduction to Information Technology3100
CSC110C Programming3100
CSC111Digital Logic 3100

Semester II

Courses CodeCourses TitleCredit HoursFull Marks
CSC160Discrete Structure3100
CSC161Objected Oriented Programming3100
MTH163Mathematics II3100
STA164Statistics I3100

Semester III

Courses CodeCourses TitleCredit HoursFull Marks
CSC206Data Structure and Algorithm3100
CSC207Numerical Methods3100
CSC208Computer Architecture3100
CSC209Computer Graphics3100
STA210Statistics II3100

Semester IV

Courses CodeCourses TitleCredit HoursFull Marks
CSC257Theory of Computation3100
CSC258Computer Networks3100
CSC259Operating System3100
CSC260Database management System3100
CSC261Artificial Intelligence3100

Semester V

Courses CodeCourses TitleCredit HoursFull Marks
CSC314Design and Analysis of Algorithm3100
CSC315System Analysis and Design3100
CSC317Simulation and Modeling3100
CSC318Web Technology3100
Elective I3100

Electives : 

  1. Multimedia Computing(CSC 319)
  2. Wireless Networking(CSC320)
  3. Image Processing(CSC321)
  4. Knowledge Management(CSC322)
  5. Society and Ethics in Information Technology(CSC323)
  6. Microprocessor Based Design(CSC324)

Semester VI

Courses CodeCourses TitleCredit HoursFull Marks
CSC364Software Engineering 3100
CSC365Compiler Design and Construction3100
CSC367NET Centric Computing3100
CSC368Technical Writing3100
Elective II3100

Electives : 

  1. Applied Logic(CSC369)
  2. E- commerce(CSC370)
  3. Automation and Robotics(CSC371)
  4. Neural Networks(CSC372)
  5. Computer Hardware(CSC373)
  6. Cognitive Science(CSC374)

Semester VII

Courses CodeCourses TitleCredit HoursFull Marks
CSC409Advance Java Programming3100
CSC410Data Warehousing and Data Mining3100
MGT411Principles of Management3100
CSC412Project Work3100
Elective III3100


  1. Information Retrieval(CSC413)
  2. Database Administration(CSC414)
  3. Software Project Management(CSC415)
  4. Network Security(CSC416)
  5. Digital System Design(CSC417)
  6. International Marketing(MGT418)

Semester VIII

Courses CodeCourses TitleCredit HoursFull Marks
CSC416Advance Database3100
Elective IV3100
Elective V3100
Total 15500


  1. Advanced Networking with IPV6(CSC463)
  2. Distributed Networking(CSC464)
  3. Game Technology(CSC465)
  4. Distributed and Object Oriented Database(CSC466)
  5. Introduction to Cloud Computing(CSC467)
  6. Geographical Information System(CSC468)
  7. Decision Support System and Expert System(CSC469)
  8. Mobile Application Development(CSC470)
  9. Real Time System(CSC471)
  10. Network and System Administration(CSC472)
  11. Embedded System Programming(CSC473)
  12. International Business Management()MGT474) 

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