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If you want to know all about BSc.Csit course eligibility and college in general, then you can get some of the information through this page. Basically, BSc.Csit is a four year course with a motive of enhancing knowledge in the field of IT. Furthermore, BSc.Csit offers the opportunity to specialize in the field of web development, cyber security, artificial intelligence and many more. Additionally, it helps to form a basic foundations of various programming languages.

If you’re worried about which college to choose for studying BSc.csit in Nepal, then you’re on the right page to clear your confusion. Many students might be confused about whether I should choose BSc.csit or not. If you’re committed to your studies and interested in technologies, then without any doubts you can choose it . So, One thing about CSIT is that you should focus on your studies as well.

Procedure for joining BSc.csit

Basically, students who want to build their career in computer science and information technology can choose BSc.csit in Bachelor level. Before that one must have the eligibility to take the entrance exam conducted by TUIOST. Students who have taken Science(including both math or biology) stream in +2 can study BSc.CSIT. Firstly, students need to fill the form for entrance examination. Then, after a month an entrance examination is conducted which is of 2 hrs. So, the pass marks to enroll for the BSc.csit is 35.

Once the result is published, students get the colleges based on the priorities they set in the form. But in the end if you’ve passed the entrance you can get into one of the BSc.Csit colleges in which the seat is vacant.

But the main confusion arises when choosing the college. So in order to make you less confused, I will list some of the colleges of Bsc.csit under Tribhuvan University.

  1. Amrit Science Campus(ASCOL)
  2. Patan Multiple Campus
  3. Bhaktapur Multiple Campus
  4. Prithvi Narayan Campus
  5. Birendra Multiple Campus
  6. Mahendra Morang Adarsha Multiple Campus
  7. Shree Siddhanath Science Campus
  8. Mahendra Multiple Campus
  9. Ramsworup Ramsagar Multiple Campus

Some of the list of colleges of BSc.csit affiliated with Tribhuwan University:

  1. St.Xavier’s College
  2. Trinity International College
  3. Texas International College
  4. Himalaya College of Engineering
  5. College of Applied Business
  6. Kathford International College of Engineering and Management
  7. Kathmandu College of Technology
  8. Kathmandu Bernhardt College
  9. Madan Bhandari Memorial College
  10. New Summit College
  11. Prime College
  12. Sagarmatha College of Science and Technology
  13. National InfoTech College
  14. Academia International College
  15. St.Lawrence College
  16. Swastik College
  17. Khwopa College
  18. Samriddhi College
  19. Deerwalk International College

If you have any doubts regarding Bsc.csit course eligibility and college,then you can visit each college once since everyone has a different perspective. But one thing for sure is that every college is similar academically. After joining BSc.csit mainly you have to focus on your skills and growth besides academics. 

 So, BSc.csit is a four year course divided into eight semesters.

Here is the list of subjects you need to study in four years.

1st Semester2nd Semester
Introduction to Information TechnologyDiscrete Structure
C.ProgrammingObject Oriented Programming
Digital LogicMicroprocessor
Mathematics IMathematics II
PhysicsStatistics I
3rd Semester4th Semester
Data Structure and AlgorithmsTheory of Computation
Numerical MethodComputer Networks
Computer ArchitectureOperating Systems
Computer GraphicsDatabase Management System
Statistics IIArtificial Intelligence
5th Semester6th Semester
Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsSoftware Engineering
System Analysis and DesignComputer Design and Construction
Simulation and ModelingNET Centric Computing
Web TechnologyTechnical Writing
7th Semester8th Semester
Advanced Java ProgrammingAdvanced Database
Data Warehousing and Data MiningInternship
Principles of ManagementElective IV
Project WorkElective V
Elective III

 Moreover, you have to prepare a project report in the final year.

For the students who are in a great confusion whether to choose CSIT or not because of their non-computer background. Then one thing you must have is your passion to learn. Before starting anything, everyone is a beginner. Moreover, there might be a lot of challenges in the IT field. Hence, One thing you must focus on is to develop your skills.

One thing you must know before joining CSIT is that it is more centered towards theoretical knowledge rather than practical things. So, practically you have to focus on developing skills yourself.

Additionally, Bsc.Csit graduates can get the opportunity as system analyst, data analyst, software developers, an IT consultant. If you have skills in the related domain, then you can do freelancing.

Here are some of the problems that a CSIT student may face.

Students are more focused on studies meanwhile the marketplace is searching for skilled people. Moreover, technology is rapidly growing while the curriculum is outdated. Besides these, proper guidance is what a student needs. Some might be lost in the field of IT. In that case, one must get a proper guidance.

Hence, There are many colleges to study BSc.csit in Nepal. In conclusion, BSc.csit builds a knowledge of computer science and information technology. Hope that this page could provide you some information about BSc.csit course eligibility and college.

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