Ride-Sharing Apps in Nepal

Top 10 Ride-Sharing Apps in Nepal that you can try


Are you searching for a ride-sharing app? If you are then this article is perfect for you. As today we have picked the top 10 ride-sharing apps in Nepal.

Ride-Sharing Apps in Nepal


At first, we have Pathao app which is ruling the ride-sharing app in Nepal with it’s easy to use interface and fairly cheap price. Downloaded more than 5 Million times already in the play store, it is currently at the top with 4-stars in play store. Pathao is really having an impact on 150,000+ daily rides/deliveries.


Next, we have Tootle, currently the top second ride-sharing app in Nepal. It aims to provide people with the continent and hassle-free ride with minimal charges inside Kathmandu valley. It already has 100,000+ downloads with an almost 4-star rating in play store.  

Hoop Rides

Similarly, we have Hoop Rides standing third in the line of ride-sharing apps in Nepal. Hoop took a rather simplistic approach towards its app interface which is quiet and simple and easy to use. It currently has 10,000+ downloads with an almost 4-star rating in google play store.


With some additional features we have, the Filili app which not only allows ride-sharing but also Taxi, delivery, and rental services all over Nepal. Safe, Fast, and Convenient is their motto. They currently have 10,000+ downloads with almost a 3-star rating in google play store.


Next, we have SuperPartner, generic to any other ride-sharing app but it lacks the ability to connect with other potential customers as it’s IOS version hasn’t been developed yet. It currently has 5000+ downloads with slightly more than 4-stars in google plays tore as it is only available there.

जाने (Lozoom):

Similarly, we have जाने app of Lazoom Commute Services which deals with the ride-sharing idea but also aims to provide rental services in the future as well. It has about 5000+ downloads with an amazing 4-star rating in google play store.


Looking again, we have SuperApp that like any other generic ride-sharing app but the only difference is that it prefers to cash in hand after the ride and they’re only available in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur. They have 5000+ downloads with a 4-star rating in google play store. 

Sarara Nepal

Next, we have the Sarara Nepal app which also aims to provide ride-sharing features to potential riders and general customers. Judging by the reviews, it seems that they exhibit some technical difficulty as their app seems to be crashing and not responding often. Despite all these problems, they have 5000+ downloads with a 4-star rating in google play store.  

Motar Ride

Now, let’s talk about Motar Ride (Nepal), which claims to be any other ride-sharing app in Nepal but there is no description available in their app description and their website doesn’t even open. Maybe that’s the reason they have only 100+ downloads in google play store.


Last but not the least, we have Carpoolworld, the most unusual app I’ve ever encountered. Judging by the name and thumbnail image, it seems like any other ride-sharing app but no much description, app screenshots, or any other info available. Their website does open but one of the worst managed website I’ve ever encountered. I’ll hardly recommend using this app as this already has only 10+ downloads.

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