Bhaktapur, often known as the “City of Devotees,” is a living reflection of Nepal’s magnificent history. Stepping into this medieval town feels like stepping back in time. With its well-preserved buildings, cobblestone streets, and vibrant culture providing a look into the country’s rich history. Bhaktapur has a number of places that add to its beauty. Here are the top ten places in my hometown that you must visit.

1.Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Bhaktapur Durbar Square is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bhaktapur, Nepal. It is home to an amazing combination of palaces, temples, and elaborate Newari architecture. The 55-Window Palace, decorated with detailed woodwork, serves as the square’s centerpiece. While the Vatsala Temple and the famed Nyatapola Temple contribute to its charm. The vivid environment of the area hosts cultural events and religious rites. It gives a captivating journey into Nepal’s rich history and cultural heritage. During the morning, gorgeous pigeans adds the beauty in the place which makes it extremely peaceful and alive.

2.Siddha Pokhari

In the 15th century, builders constructed Siddha Pokhari, also known as Ta-Pukhu or Ta-Pukhu Bhairav, a historic rectangular pond, in Bhaktapur, Nepal. It serves as a vital water reservoir for the city and has religious significance due to its name. It derives its name from Lord Bhairav. The tranquil setting, surrounded by stone sculptures, making it an attractive site for photography and leisurely walks, adding to Bhaktapur’s cultural history. During the winter, visitors can also enjoy stunning sunsets and enjoy the colorful fishes in the pond.

3.Tachupal Tole (Dattatraya area)

Tachupal Tole, near Dattatraya Temple, is a lively square which main atractions are temples and monuments. The Dattatraya Temple draws crowds, especially Hindu women during Shrawan, praying for their families’ well-being. Handicraft shops and local artisans at work adds the square’s vibrancy. At night, the area transforms with enchanting lights, enhancing its beauty.


Nagarkot, a peaceful hill town in Nepal, attracts visitors with its panoramic vistas of the Himalayan mountain range, including Mount Everest. Just 32 kilometers from Kathmandu and provides a peaceful break from the city’s bustle. The main draw is the breathtaking sunrise and sunset vistas, which show off the snow-capped peaks in golden hues. Hiking trails through lush forests and attractive villages can be explored by nature enthusiasts. The quiet atmosphere and natural beauty of Nagarkot make it a great spot for a therapeutic vacation and an unforgettable experience of Nepal’s amazing mountains.

5.Changunarayan Temple

While Changu Narayan Temple is technically located in Changu village, just away from Bhaktapur, it is an important part of the city’s past. For its beautiful stone carvings and sculptures, this ancient Hindu temple has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lush leaves, jungles, and captivating trees surround the temple, creating an amazing setting in which visitors can immerse themselves and rediscover their inner selves.

6.Gundu, Suryabinayak

The Suryabinayak Temple in Gundu Suryabinayak is a centuries-old Hindu shrine which dedicates the Lord Ganesh, with clarify wood carvings and Newari craftsmanship. The rich green landscapes, attractive hills, and charming farmlands that surround the temple provide a peaceful and scenic escape for nature enthusiasts. Gundu Suryabinayak is a wonderful blend of spirituality and natural beauty, with visitors able to enjoy calm walks amidst the majesty of the Himalayan backdrop and experience local culture during remarkable Hindu festivities.

7.Sanga, Tallest Statue of Lord Shiva

The towering Sanga Mahadev Statue, a 143-foot tall statue of Lord Shiva, provides panoramic views in Sanga. This popular religious landmark attracts devotees and tourists, providing a spiritual atmosphere as well as breathtaking views of the Kathmandu Valley and surrounding regions. Visitors can also enjoy the excitement of crossing the Hanging Bridge, which adds to the attraction of the location.

8.Chonga Ganesh Temple

The location in Sallaghari, Bhaktapur is ideal for picnics, post-marriage receptions, and family gatherings. It has lovely settings with various trees, leaves of “salla” and separate toilets. It provides catering services, drinking water, and a temple devoted to Lord Ganesha. It provides a calm vacation and a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones.

9.Pilot Baba

Thisplace where there is an  ashram is famous for offering yoga, meditation, and spiritual practices. At the backside of the ashram, there’s a soothing hangout spot where visitors can enjoy the refreshing breeze. Surrounded by peaceful nature, the area provides a serene atmosphere, and just a 5-minute walk from the ashram leads to Ranikot, offering further opportunities to explore the beautiful surroundings.

1o.Pilot Baba

The temple, is not only a place of spiritual significance but also offers a soothing and serene environment with abundant greenery and trees. This place includes lush vegetation, creating a peaceful atmosphere that invites visitors to connect with nature, find tranquility, and enjoy an ideal spot for meditation and relaxation. The temple’s setting amidst nature’s beauty adds to the overall spiritual experience, making it a peaceful retreat for both devotees and tourists alike.


Finally, Bhaktapur provides an exciting journey through the country’s rich past. Every area is rich with cultural attractions, from the historic Bhaktapur Durbar Square to the serene Siddhapokhari and spiritual Changunarayan Temple. Nagarkot offers stunning views, while Sanga is home to a massive statue of Lord Shiva. The calm Nil Barahi Temple and spiritual retreats such as Pilot Baba Ashram provide tranquil respite amidst beautiful countryside. Bhaktapur’s perfect combination of past and present makes it a must-see for history buffs and cultural explorers alike. There are also other places in Bhaktapur which visitors can discover themselves.

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