Virtual Cleanse: Crafting An Unplugged Lifestyle


We use the word “cleanse” to eliminate something substandard. Something so bad and unsatisfactory to you that you need it out of your system ASAP. So, a virtual cleanse is just that throwing the marvels of technology out of your livelihood. But isn’t Technology the best resource available to us now in the 21st century? So why are we running away from it? Why are we turning away from it and trying to “cleanse” it from our system?

virtual cleanse

Welcome to the concept of “virtual cleanse” where overconsumption and our over-dependence on the virtual platform have compelled us to be a part of this revolution. In this hyper-connected era to try to make us change by getting stimulated not by blue Facebook but by the blue sky not by the red YouTube but by the red apple growing in your back yard, not by the green WhatsApp but by the green lush forest beside the mountain, not enchanted by the colors of Instagram but the colors of the rainbow that lays across so gently at the lap of the mountains. So, let’s recline our life, those meaningful relationships, creative interests, humorous conversations, and comforting laughter.

So how do we start this virtual Cleanse journey?


It always is acknowledgment. Acknowledging that smartphones have become an extension of ourselves. Every celebration, every little joy, every life event needs to be shared on all virtual platforms. This fosters reliance on our candid moments and the dopamine rush from likes and comments.

But let’s take a moment to question: Are these likes and comments really gratifying our core emotional needs as humans? Or are they only playing for the façade of the perfect mask we put on for the world outside? Emoji and GIFs enhance the accessibility and comfort of our communication, but when did we last engage in face-to-face conversation, gently wipe tears from each other’s saddened countenance, and offer solace through real words and warm embraces?

This creates a massive gap in our emotional needs. This also leaves a void in our hearts. So, the next time instead of typing lol with a straight face why don’t we lift the curve of our smile and laugh until our ribs hurt?


virtual cleanse

The main reason why not being involved in any virtual stimulations and interactions can be useful to us can be conflicting. After all, we are living in the 25 century. And simultaneously trying to navigate a world full of technology, saturated by the dominance of virtual media. Do we want to make a fool of ourselves? No, getting away from virtual stimulations can be for our quite good for our mental well-being. Albert Einstein once said: “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” but where does creativity go with all our virtual overconsumption? How do we strive and thrive on our creativity for the better? To know more about this concept click on:-,need%20to%20improve%20our%20lives.

virtual cleanse

That is when we introduce “BOREDOM”, the vain of everyone’s life in this virtual age. Everybody hates being bored especially when you have a dopamine producer right at the palm of your hand. So, why is it essential to curb our boredom with something useful? Boredom is not a state of being not creative or not productive. It serves as a starting point for nurturing our creativity. However, the incessant stimulation of virtual media prevents one from experiencing boredom. Thereby hindering the potential for creativity. When did we last take up a brush to glide across the canvas, crafting a beautiful painting, instead of scrolling through Instagram for meticulously photoshopped images? So let’s learn to embrace the art of boredom.

We can conclude that virtual platforms have their benefits. But we should strive for a balance. So let’s create together to strike a balance between the buzzing of the notifications and the buzzing of a bee. And let’s embrace the Analogue Renaissance in the Age of Hyperconnectivity.

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