Virinchi College is located in the Lalitpur district of Nepal. It is a great example of high quality education that focuses on educating students for real world success. The main purpose of the college is to prepare Nepalese students for careers and opportunities on a global scale. BICT in Virinchi College is a new course recently introduced.

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Graduation ceremony of Virinchi College
fig1: Graduation ceremony Virinchi College

What differentiates Virinchi College is its focus not only on traditional degrees, but also on practical courses that are quite valuable in today’s work environment. As a result, when students graduate, they will have both book smarts and hands-on skills that employers value. This college has an exciting partnership with Asia e University (AeU), a large international university. This allows students to interact with students and resources from all around the world, enhancing their learning experience.

BICT in Virinchi College

This college provides two main courses BICT and MBA. (Bachelor in information and communication technology)BICT is a designed course that makes IT professionals who are market ready . This course covers border range of IT subjects. This course is four years of course and designed on the semester basis. Every semester, Asia e University directly sends students two university assignments from myPLS and they have to submit it on given time period. Students have to complete more than 16 major and minor projects throughout their four years of journey. They also provided different soft skills and hard skills trainings in every semesters. This college prioritizes practical knowledge over theoretical learning. Students’ assessment is based on a 60% assessment and 40% examination approach.

Clubs and Events for Students engagement

Students have the opportunity to involve in different types of clubs like IOT and robotics club, Events club, Publication club etc. according to their interests. Every years Virinchi College organizes sports weeks where students of different level take parts in different tournaments.

  • IOT Clubs

Students can involve in IOT clubs to explore and invent new technology. Students can engage in hands-on coding with hardware and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, they can participate actively in IoT clubs. The college provides them with all necessary hardware materials such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, sensors, motors, NodeMCU, wires, and boards. Students can develop and invent different products after college also.

  • Events Clubs

Students interested in event management and organization can actively participate in event clubs. They are responsible for organizing different events like V- celebration, ICT mela, Picnic, Annual programs, etc.

  • Publication Clubs

Publication club are responsible for organizing different Public speaking competition. They also collects articles from students and publish on the board of college. This clubs focus on overall speaking and writing skills of students.

  • ICT Mela

ICT Mela is main attraction of Virinchi college. This college organized ICT Mela, where products developed by its students are showcased. People from different organization and colleges are came to enjoy the mela and students of Virinchi College presents their products to them.

Teach To Learn Programs

College programs aren’t only about memorizing information. They are also about teaching you how to think critically and solve problems. It is important because the world is continually changing, and students need to be ready for whatever comes in their way. TTL program is a unique concept of this college where senior students provides training to the junior students as a teach to learn session. This programs helps to both students to grow and also makes their bond strong. They provides training on different topics like UI/UX designing, JAVA, Python, IOT etc.

Unique Pedagogy of ours

The college’s aim is to prepare students not just for a job today, but also for future leadership roles and their learnings. They teach you how to lead a team, make quick choices, and solve problems, all skills that supervisors value. Virinchi College understands that today’s world revolves on technology, thus they make sure that you are at comfortable with it. They also educate you how to manage your time, stay organized, and collaborate with others. These abilities help you to stand out and advance in your work.

Facilities and Infrastructures

Classrooms at Virinchi College are more than just lecture halls. They are incubators of critical thinking and problem-solving. In a world that thrives on innovation, the college prepares students to adapt and excel in changing situations. Additionally, they provides different meeting hall, seminar hall, training hall, computer labs, library, gallery hall, inventors hall etc. Furthermore, students can use these hall anytime for their innovation. Think about it. Training halls are for like workshops and teach to learn session. You can learn there. Likewise, our library is not just store books. It is a treasure of knowledge. The gallery is for showing off our students’ creativity. And the inventors hall is for inventors and creative thinker where dreams take shape.

Extra Activities

However, it’s not only technical stuff. It also teaches students how to collaborate effectively, make sound decisions, and appreciate different cultures. These abilities are similar to superpowers that allow you to shine in any career and connect with people from all over the world. In the digital age, knowledge of information and communication technology (ICT) is essential. It guarantees that students are not only familiar with technology, but also know how to use it to their advantage. This technological advantage, when combined with management ability and interpersonal abilities, pushes graduates to the top of their industries.

So, if you’re seeking for a college that prepares you for real-life adventures rather than just teaching you information from books, this is the place to be. Prepare to learn, grow, and shine brightly in the future!

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