Hybrid Technology Solutions: Path to a Tech-Driven Future


Introduction: In the rapidly developed technological scene of the modern day. Companies are facing constant work to stay ahead of the curve while optimizing the changing needs of their customers. Hybrid technology solutions emerged as…

5 Luxury Car Brands in the World


When we think of luxury cars, our mind often thinks BMW and Rolls-Royces. However,there are more luxurious car like these car which provide higher levels of comfort, a better fit and finish, premium accessories, and…

PAN Card in Nepal

Steps to get PAN Card in Nepal


The full form of PAN is (permanent account number). The (PAN) card is issued by the Income tax Department in Nepal. This card is considered a really important document for all the salaried workers of…

facebook groups in nepal

Top 10 Facebook Groups in Nepal


Many of us use Facebook. Facebook brings us closer not only with people we know but also with people we don’t but have similar interest. Today we are picking top 10 facebook group names in…